Mini Buddy Monkey

Mini Buddy Monkey

Mini buddy speakers – Always with you music !

Adopt a mini Buddy : an ideal gadget to follow you in music wherever you go, the essential gift for all music lovers ! Compacts, and created with the images of little characters and symbols, there’s always a Mini Buddy speaker waiting for you to listen to all your favorite songs !

Despite its small size, the Mini Buddy provides a rich and complete sound of high quality. You can connect it to your Smartphone, your tablet, or any device equipped with a 3.5mm jack. And to recharge it, it’s easy! The Mini Buddy is equipped with a Li-ion battery which can be recharged thanks to a USB cable.

Thanks to its mini format, you can also use it as a key ring and attract everybody’s attention with a unique mini speaker and a characteristic design !

Collect several Mini Buddies, or connect them with your friends’ buddies ! Once they’re all connected, the Mini Buddies will make you enjoy their great sound, all together!

Content :
- Mini Buddy speaker
- USB charger cable

Features :
- A great sound for its small size
- Compatible with a large variety of devices thanks to its standard cable
- Equipped with a key ring
- Cute and super fun
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